Product: Neat Receipts

Neat Receipts

The NeatReceipts scanalizer is a unique tool that helps you keep track
of expenses and eliminate paper clutter—at home, in the office or on the road.
Easy to install, easy to use, NeatReceipts is the new must-have device for the mobile professional.

Saves your receiptspurchase
Organizes your paper mess
Helps you find important documents when you need them.


Scans receipts, business cards and more
Capture digital images of receipts, business cards, and almost any other document up to 8.5" wide—even lengthy grocery receipts.


Analyzes the important information
NeatReceipts pulls key information from receipts and business cards, and puts it into an easy-to-use spreadsheet. NeatReceipts can read the vendor, date, amount and more from receipts and contact information from business cards.


Organizes data quickly and easily
Easily create expense reports, prepare for taxes, update your address book and more. Export data to Excel®, Outlook®, QuickBooks®, Microsoft® Money, Word® and more, in PDF, HTML, CSV and other popular formats. So you’re totally together (minus the paper).

  • Creates expense reports
  • Simplifies tax preparation
  • Organizes receipts
  • Reads business cards and much more!

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