Product: Xpad


LIGHT-WEIGHT: 1 lb. is about the weight of a soda can. Xpad feels amazingly light!
UNIVERSAL FIT: Xpad will accomodate Laptops with screen sizes up to 17 inches!
ERGONOMIC: Optimally sized to fit on your lap and to stay put on an incline without sliding!
PORTABLE: Slim profile means it will fit in most Laptop bags along with your Laptop!

No Fans -- 100% Passive Cooling! purchase
Keeps your lap cool for an indefinite period!
You must try it to experience the comfort of a non-slip laptop on your lap!


Where are the cooling fans?
Fan based laptop coolers can damage your Latop USB port and interfere with the natural airflow intended for your laptop cooling system.


What is a laptop heatshield?
Unique 3 layers of thermal insulation with trapped air pockets within its ABS composite structure makes Xpad the ultimate laptop heatshield.


What does Non-Slip mean?
Rubber X top will keep a tight grip on your laptop and the bottom EVA padding provides a soft non-slip breathable surface for your lap.

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